River & maritime shipping

We offer to our customers river transportation on the  Dnieper, Dniester, Tisa, Prut rivers. In addition, we can organize transportation on the Rhine–Main–Danube canal,  to provide the cargoes handling and temporary storage in the Burgas, Constanta, Varna, Odessa, Illichivsk, Mariupol and other smaller Ukraine ports. We have a strong partnership with the main port operators, know the turnover and warehousing capacities of main ports. We are in close relation with the best ship owners and agents. In its turn, we are well known and respected. We have significant experience in multi-modal transport between the navigable channels and roads carrying transshipment or RO-RO operations.

We are working with the best specialists in the field and able to realize any project of heavy, oversized loads transportation that includes maritime or river-borne traffic.

For traceability ensuring, transportations and customs operations we elaborate the full set necessary documentation.

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