Project cargo

Project cargo (door to door delivery) – one of the priorities for Holleman Ukraine. In case of project transportation, cargo owner is fully exempt from having to meet the challenges associated with the transportation and can be fully concentrated on operational activity only.

Project cargo services most commonly required for export-import transportations of oversized, overweight loads, which for transportation must be dismantled and then re-assembled at the installation site. In the case of project transportation we perform the full range of work, including temporary storage, transshipment, customs clearance and installation works. We also undertake obligations for obtaining special permits, to necessary treaties making, to disconnecting of utility systems on the route.

The transportation modality is selected in depending of the route, the overall size, weight, cost, availability of the necessary infrastructure. We offer the optimal combination of transport modes: road, river, sea and / or rail transport. Independent from modality of transportation the delivery is performed under single shipping document, that saving a lot of time and cost.

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