Wind turbine

Holleman Group and Holleman Ukraine particularly, has all the necessary technical means and considerable experience in the field of transportation of wind turbines in Western and Eastern Europe. We have established logistic structure and organized the necessary infrastructure for transport, storage and handling of wind turbines.

River transport

In this the wind turbines components are supplied from Western Europe by the Danube. In Izmail harbor wind turbine components are transferred to our special vehicles for the transportation of oversized and heavy cargo.

Maritime transport

Commonly to the Black Sea countries wind turbines supplied by maritime transport. We have all necessary equipment and skills to transport and handle wind turbines in the Burgas, Constanta, Varna, Odessa, Illichivsk, Mariupol and other harbors.

Own equipment

At the time, a group of companies Holleman has invested millions Euros in wind power projects on transportation tractors, trailers for the transport of sliding blades, towers and nacelles of wind turbines, cranes, heavy-duty and other accessories.

Route survey

Holleman Group is a partner of the largest European manufacturers of wind turbines, and performs transportation of oversized elements to the installation site. We know all the requirements for transport, the size and weight of items, and an inspection of the route we aim to partner with a report showing the most appropriate ways of transportation. If the path of the oversized and heavy cargo are the constraints, we provide recommendations, what measures can be taken, while minimizing the amount of work and money.


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