Cranes & heavy lift rental

Any transportation connected with lifting machinery and equipment, and in the case of movement of heavy and oversized cargoes this issue is of particular importance.

Holleman Ukraine provides rental services of lifting equipment – cranes, heavy lifts and other equipment for heavy and oversized cargoes lifting and movement. We offer a quality service, high efficiency and reasonable prices.

Additionally, you can be sure of reliability and security issues, since the staff of service department carefully checked its condition and conformity of the security requirements of DSTU OHSAS 18001:2010 (OHSAS 18001/2007) before shipping

We offer:

Boom crawler crane with a capacity of 200 tone

kran-sennebogen-200-tonn-0   kran-sennebogen-200-tonn-1   specifikacia-sennebogen-200

Mobile hydraulic gantry cranes with elevation capacity from 320 to 1000 ton


Roller trolleys with capacities ranging between 15 and 280 tone

rolikovaya-telezhka-200-ton   rolikovaya-telezhka

Different hydraulic cylinders / specialized lifting jacks

gidravlicheskiy-domkrat-0    gidravlicheskiy-domkrat-1+

Heavy lifts;

gidravlicheskiy-portal-0 gidravlicheskiy-portal-1

Different lifting traverses;

specifikaciya-traversy    traversa

Other lifting equipment: winches, hoists, hawsers etc.

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