The Ukrainian economy is closely integrated with the economies of the CIS countries, and geographic location determines the close economic ties with the members of the European Union and the Black Sea countries. With globalization, the interaction of different economies cannot be imagined without the presence of well-established transportation channels.

Holleman Ukraine is allied company of the Holleman, with headquarters in Romania and provide oversized, overweight loads transportation service. Holleman Ukraine specializes in the project transportation, multimodal transportation, offering the industrial relocation & mounting services. We provide rental services of heavy duty lifting and movement equipment (cranes of up to 1,000 tons, heavy lifts, etc.). Holleman operating in the European market of oversized and heavy transport since 1997 and has proved itself at the top-level. So in 2001, we transported the Christmas tree to the Vatican, and in 2012, Holleman become the largest carrier of wind turbines in Eastern Europe.

The realities of today’s business is such that further development and successful opposition to external threats become important question of finding a reliable partner and we are always ready for an open dialogue.

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