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Oversized & heavy transportation


Transportation of oversized and heavy cargoes on domestic and international routes is the Holleman Ukraine’s core business. We have the necessary equipment, knowledge, highly qualified personnel and able to offer quality trucking service. Holleman Ukraine offering transportation service in many counties of Eastern Europe, Western Asia and Eastern Europe

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Wind turbines installations


The installation of wind turbines is a complex activity and requires a high level of organization and operation and professional skills. Our authorized specialists were trained in Denmark and Germany within Global Wind Organization training program. In addition to qualification training, our technicians in different specialty gained theoretical knowledge and practical training course on safer

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Cranes & lifting equipment rental


Any transportation connected with lifting machinery and equipment, and in the case of movement of heavy and oversized cargoes this issue is of particular importance. Holleman Ukraine provides rental services of lifting equipment – cranes, heavy lifts and other equipment for heavy and oversized cargoes lifting and movement. We offer a quality service, high efficiency

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Industrial relocation & mounting

Industrial relocations

Production lines moving, delivery and installation of production lines – complicated process that requires experience and specific knowledge Holleman Ukraine provides a full range of such services. In general case the activity of production lines relocation  includes such processes: Initial data collection from the client; Inspection of the site of the future project;

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